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Wheel and Tyre Services
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Wangara Tyres, trading as Wangara Tyrepower, is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Wangara at 18 Prindiville Drive. Andrew and his family have been fitting tyres for Perth and regional customers for over 30 years.

Looking for a wheel and tyre shop that will give you a good price and great service? Then Wangara Tyres are here for you. We are a tyre shop with a difference: we are totally focussed on you the customer and we want you to come back for your next set of tyres so we will look after you and we'll never rip you off!

Don't know much about wheels and tyres and a little hesitant to turn up at a tyre shop by yourself? Rest easy, Wangara Tyres will treat you with respect and explain everything in terms you can understand. Andrew or Lynn will look after you.

Want a wheel alignment, battery check, puncture repair, mechanical service or brakes check? Look no further than Wangara Tyres. We have a fully qualified mechanic and trained specialists and we have the latest fitting, balancing and wheel alignment technology.

We have recently moved to new premises at 18 Prindiville Drive, Wangara.

Our services include:

  • Tyre Fitting, using semi automatic equipment.
  • Laser Wheel Alignment.
  • Road Force Wheel Balancing.
  • Puncture Repair.
  • Batteries.
  • Exhaust Systems.
  • Brakes.
  • Mechanical Services.​

Close-up Of Mechanic Checking A Car Battery Level With Multimeter


Why us?

Tyrepower is the trusted name in tyres and tyre servicing and Wangara Tyrepower have the skills and experience to fit the right tyres to your vehicle and align and balance your wheels for a sweet ride. With decades of experience in the tyre industry, the staff at Wangara Tyrepower will fit the tyres to meet your driving needs, whether you drive:

  • A small, medium or family car.
  • An SUV / 4WD.
  • A high performance machine.
  • A light truck or commercial vehicle.

Did you know that fitting the right tyres to your vehicle is essential to maintain safety, performance and fuel economy? Badly worn tyres or poor wheel alignment and balancing can really cost you money and endanger yourself and your passengers! So, it's important to not only get the right tyres for your vehicle but also to have them fitted by people who have the skills, the experience and the latest equipment.

Wangara Tyrepower have the tyres, the skills, the experience and the cutting edge equipment that will give you a safe ride and optimise your fuel efficiency and tyre performance. Forget the rest. It costs no more to use the best!

Tips For Maintaining Your Tyres

You can improve the life and running efficiency of your tyres with these simple tips:

  • Check you have the correct tyres fitted to your vehicle.
  • Avoid mixing tyres on your vehicle, unless your specification states otherwise.
  • Check your tyre pressure every 2 - 3 weeks against the recommended pressure when the tyre is cold before you drive.
  • Check your tread depth every month - must be greater that 1.6mm to be roadworthy and legal.
  • Check tyres regularly for signs of wear, e.g. tears, cuts, bruises.
  • Drive sedately and avoid heavy braking and acceleration - you'll get there just as fast.
  • Get regular wheel balances done to make sure your tyres run smoothly on the road.
  • Wheel alignments and tyre rotations maximise the life of your tyres by wearing them evenly.

Huge Stock Range

We stock a huge range of tyres including TOYO, COOPER, KELLY, VITORA, MAXXIS, BF GOODRICH and CONTINENTAL plus many other quality brands. We have the right tyre to meet your driving needs and can provide expert advice to help you make an informed decision.

And, what we don't have in stock, we can have delivered to our workshop, usually on the same day.

Want a cheap tyre? No problem! We can find a tyre that will fit your vehicle and your budget. Oh, and check with us for special deals which we run frequently.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Our dedicated staff are qualified professionals, with experience in all elements of tyre fitting and servicing and we have the latest equipment to do it with. Many of our competitors actually use our services where special attention with wheel alignment or fitting and balancing is needed.


How We Compare To Others

At Wangara Tyrepower, we are dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable price.

And because we have invested in the latest tyre fitting equipment, we can out-perform our competitors and give you a sweeter ride. In fact, many of our competitors use our services where their equipment is not up to the job.

Visit us at 18 Prindiville Drive Wangara or call (08) 6244-4200 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

What We Need From You

When you call us for a tyre price, in order for us to get you the right and best tyre for your car we need to know a couple of things:

  • What is the manufacturer, make and model of your vehicle?
  • What tyre size you need - you can find this on the side of your tyre as shown in the diagram opposite?

or Call Us for Assistance on:

What Our Customers Say


Great service and price

Great Service and Price. Will come again and recommend to friends.

Bruno Kelly Osredecki

Great deal on Cooper AT/3 Tyres

Andrew at Tyrepower Wangara fitted Cooper tyres to my Toyota FJ Cruiser with a great discount. They are extremely well set up and use road-force balancing and laser guided wheel alignment. Fantastic service - they even picked me up from home when it was time to collect my FJ. Well done boys!!!

Steve Hodgson

A rare good experience!

Lynn and the guys were most helpful. It was refreshing to have the office manager take a real personal interest in their customers. I was there for a set of cheap tyres for my day-to-day runabout, but I heard the owner's discussion on much more technical aspects with another customer. The advice was sound, and the customer was treated with dignity.
Thank you Tyrepower. It was a positive all round experience. Keep up the good work.

Adam Phillips

Friendly, helpful staff

I have had my tyres replaced here twice - the staff are very friendly and extremely helpful, and have done the job quickly both times. I'd definitely recommend them for both price and service.

Louise Youens

I took my 4x4 into them for better rims. They took the time to assist me in fitting the correct wheel to my vehicle. They even pre fitted the rim to my vehicle to ensure it would work with bigger tyres before I even purchased them. Price was good and happy with the fitment and service.


Do You Have Some Feedback on a Service We've Provided?

We are always keen to receive feedback from our customers, whether it's brick bats or bouquets. Have we provided a good service or stuffed up? Either way let us know.

or CALL US for Assistance on:

(08) 6244 4200

Trading as Tyrepower Wangara, we can be found at 18 Prindiville Drive, Wangara, just down the road from the markets, on the other side. Look out for the red and blue sign.

Wangara Tyres

Kim, Andrew, Lynn and Marcus would love to show off their new workshop. Why not drop by for a quick visit and a beverage?

Motor Vehicle Repair Business Licence No. MRB287 for  Jollys Autocentre trading as Jollys Tyre Service