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Fitting the right tyres is essential to maintain your vehicle's safety and performance. Wangara Tyres, trading as Wangara Tyrepower, are the specialists in fitting tyres and have knowledge across an extensive range of available brands, including our exclusive Cooper tyres, so you always receive the right tyre fitted to your car. Our range caters for all cars, whether it's the family car driven around town or the four wheel drive which takes a beating on bush tracks.

Discuss your car's needs with one of our tyre fitting professionals and receive expert advice on your tyre selection.

We'll go the extra mile to look after you!

Special Offer! Purchase 2 or more new tyres and we will complete a 10 point safety check on your vehicle free of charge, covering:

  • Wheels, tyres and suspension.
  • Brakes and rotors.
  • Steering assembly.
  • Battery load test.
  • Coolant and brake fluid check.


When you call us for a tyre price, in order for us to get you the right and best tyre for your car we need to know a couple of things:

  • What is the manufacturer, make and model of your vehicle?
  • What tyre size you need - you can find this on the side of your tyre as shown in the diagram below.

Small, Medium and Family Sized Passenger Vehicles

Small, medium and family sized cars usually have Passenger tyres fitted which are more comfortable than 4WD, light truck or performance vehicle tyres due to a combination of sidewall height and flexibility. They are by far the most popular tyre made and sold due to the comfort level, low road noise and easy fitting to most vehicles.

Passenger tyres are a common tyre fitted to most vehicles on the road and generally have an aspect ratio of "55" or higher. The aspect is a ratio of the height of the sidewall to the width of the tyre tread (see diagram below). Generally, the higher the aspect ratio, the more comfortable the ride.

A good tip on finding the right Passenger tyre is to ask your friendly staff member for a tyre that can best suit your driving conditions and budget - some tyres do cost more up front but offer better on-road abilities and sometimes a mileage warranty as they have longer tyre life.

We recommend taking a look at these tyres for some of the best results in Passenger tyres:

  • Toyo Nano Energy.
  • Kumho Acelera.
  • Vitora City Life.
  • Starfire RSC-2.0.

SUV / 4WD Vehicles

SUV & 4WD vehicle tyres are larger than most standard tyres and have a diverse range of tread designs and construction types, providing options for all the different driving conditions 4WDers encounter.

These tyres have 5 main types:

  • Performance SUV tyres - a low profile tyre generally of a highway design offering optimal on-road handling and performance. We recommend the Cooper HTplus or Toyo Versado CUV.
  • ​Highway Terrain tyres - designed for drivers who mainly use their vehicles on sealed roads. We recommend the Cooper HT3.
  • ​All Terrain tyres - a versatile tyre that performs well on sealed and unsealed roads. Tread blocks are more aggressive than Highway Terrain but still provide a smooth on-road drive while giving good traction off-road. We recommend the Mastercraft AXT, Cooper AT3 or Toyo OPAT II.
  • ​Aggressive All Terrain tyres - a tyre with off-road ability as the focus without compromising on-road ability. Designed for the weekend warrior chasing off-road traction but still needing a tyre for every day on-road use. These tyres are usually a little noisier on-road than other tyres.
  • Mud Terrain tyres - a tyre for when being off-road is a daily occurrence and extreme off-road traction is a must. Designed with very aggressive tread blocks to allow superior off-road traction and mud ejection.

Due to the many tread designs it is strongly recommended you discuss your driving needs with our friendly staff to ensure you have the best tyre for the driving conditions that you are likely to see. Our staff can also help choose a tyre upgrade that will improve vehicle height or tyre width within Australian road rules.

cooper tyres

Performance Vehicles

Performance tyres are for the enthusiasts among us. These tyres are designed to provide exceptional vehicle handling and on-road grip in different conditions. Performance tyres are generally a high tread width, low profile tyre with an aspect ratio of "50" or lower (e.g. 235/45R17). With a low sidewall height, these tyres don't have as much sidewall flex which results in crisper steering while the increased tread width increases on-road traction.

Performance tyres have a range of tread designs including directional, asymmetric and non directional tread designs. When selecting your performance tyres ask a friendly staff member for a tyre that will suit your driving conditions or style - they will help determine the right tyre for you based on quality and budget.

We recommend checking out these tyres when you're next looking at some performance based tyres:

  • Toyo T1 Sport.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport.
  • Mastercraft Avenger GT (70's old school with white writing).

Light Truck and Commercial Vehicles

Light Truck and Commercial vehicle tyres have a more robust construction design for use on heavily loaded vehicles, e.g. vans, small trucks, trailers and caravans. These tyres come in a range of different sizes, tread types and brands and generally have a slightly different numbering system which makes them easy to identify. To check whether your tyres are light truck look for an "LT" before or after the size numbers or look for a numbering system with only 2 size parameters, e.g. 185R14C or LT265/75R16.

Light truck and Commercial vehicle tyre tread designs cater for different conditions. For example, a small truck that drives on a lot of unsealed roads would benefit from a more aggressive "blocky" tread pattern on the rear, whereas a small truck driving primarily on sealed roads would benefit from tyres in a straight "highway" pattern to increase on-road traction. When searching for the right tyre it's important to let us know what you intend to use it for and what loads you will carry, and we can help choose the tyre to meet your needs. We recommend the popular Toyo H08 or the Starfire RS-V66.


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